What You Really Need To Know About Criminal Bail Bonds

Many people do not have the experience needed to understand what to expect when they need a bail bond. Common myths and misconceptions add confusion to an already overwhelming situation those grappling with the criminal justice system face.

Myth: Bail Bonds Are Only Available To Those With Good Credit

Countless people believe securing a bail bond requires an impeccable credit score, but this is far from accurate. The reality is that even individuals without perfect financial histories can access bail bond services in their time of need. Bail bonds are usually affordable for individuals across various economic statuses. Typically, the bond amount is a percentage of the total set by a judge for release from custody. This percentage rate creates an accessible payment option for individuals currently caught up in the criminal justice system.

Recognizing that even a small amount can be difficult for some to afford upfront, many bail bond agencies offer flexible payment plans to accommodate diverse personal finance situations.

Myth: Bail Bondsmen Can Negotiate Your Bail Amount And Charges Down

Bail bond agents focus exclusively on posting collateral necessary for pretrial release. They lack any authority concerning bail negotiations or charge amendments. Solely tasked with assisting in the financial aspect of pretrial release, bail bond agents are neither equipped nor authorized to enter into talks regarding charges or advocate for plea bargains.

Individuals seeking legal representation and negotiation support should hire a qualified criminal defense lawyer. These professionals can provide them with the representation that they need.

Myth: Bail Bonds Are Only Available During Business Hours

A common misconception suggests that bail bonds are unavailable outside regular operating hours, but this falsehood could not be further from the truth. Understanding the unpredictable nature of arrests, many bail bond companies extend their services round-the-clock. This provides an invaluable lifeline for those in need during unexpected incidents. 

Myth: Bail Bonds Are Unnecessary If You Are Innocent

Unfortunately, innocence does not prevail at every twist and turn within the criminal justice system. Even wrongfully accused individuals must sometimes secure a bail bond to secure their release while awaiting trial. For those maintaining innocence but facing significant charges, acquiring a pretrial release may offer strategic advantages by enabling individuals to access resources and maintain employment.

Furthermore, being out of jail can make it much easier to meet with your attorney, gather expert witnesses, and complete the other necessary steps to prepare an effective defense. This benefit can help individuals to better protect their rights.

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