Are Installment Loans Right For You? 3 Things To Know

When it comes to your lending options, there are many types of loans to choose from. Installment loans are some of the most common options out there. There are many different kinds of installment loans, and you may already have a few out in your name. If you are looking into installment loans and weighing them versus other financing options, there are a few things to know before committing. How They Work

Pre-Qualification Is Just The First Step In Getting A 1099 Home Loan

Working as an independent contractor can be very rewarding and you may also be bringing in an impressive income. But if you are self-employed, you might find it difficult to obtain a mortgage even if you can easily afford the mortgage payments. However, given the rise in the number of independent contractors, some banks are choosing to offer loans tailored to meet the needs of self-employed workers. The easiest way to get started is with a prequalification.