The Information You Need To Know When Calling A Bail Bondsman Company

When someone you know is arrested and you are tasked with getting them out of jail, you need to contact a bail bondsman service. This is the type of business that can help you get your loved one out of prison in a timely manner. When you call the bail bonds company, there is some information you need to have ready to provide them with to have them facilitate the process.

Information #1: Legal Name of Defendant

First, you need to know the full legal name of the person who you are trying to help. If you are helping a friend and you only know their nickname and not their full legal name, it will make it a little harder for the bail bond company to help you. The process will go smoother if you know their full legal name as well as their birthday. Providing their birthday is helpful if there is a chance that two people of the same name are being held at the same facility.

Information #2: The Booking Number

When your friend was arrested and taken to the prison or police station, they were provided with a booking number. Having their booking number is just another piece of information that will make the process of getting them out of jail easier.

Information #3: Where They Are Located

Next, knowing exactly where the defendant is being held is important information. In small towns, where there is only one potential place the person could be, this is easy information to obtain. In larger jurisdictions, where there are multiple places the person could be held, this information is more important. In larger jurisdictions, where a person is held could depend on a variety of factors, from what they were arrested for to the individual's perceived threat level.

If your friend calls and talks to you, be sure to confirm where they are being held. Get the full name of the facility, write it down, and repeat it back to them to make sure it is correct.

Information #4: The Bail Amount

In most areas, it is not a big mystery as to what the bail amount is. The bail amount is generally set by a bail schedule. The bail schedule is based on the crime that was committed, although other factors may come into play as well. The bail amount could also be raised, lowered, or waived altogether if you wait for your loved one to appear before a judge.

When you call a bail bond company, you need to know the full, legal name of the defendant and their birthday. It is also helpful if you know their booking number, location, and bail amount. This will help the bail bond company get your friend out.